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Latin Flavor at the Palm Show Bar this Summer!

Jacobo (left) and company will present Latin Flavor at the Palm this summer starting June 27, 2011! The show will run each Monday at 9pm.

A few days ago, I ran into Jacobo, the director of Darudha Productions, a local dance troupe.  In our conversation he mentioned that he is working on a new show at the Palm for this summer called Latin Flavor.  He says the new show is full of latin dance, music, vocals and spectacular costumes including lots of his signature feathers and stilettos!

This should be a very sexy show!  Many will know Jacobo from his dance numbers at Paco’s Ranch, Blue Chairs, La Noche and several of the major resorts in town.  In fact, this troupe has performed for years all over Mexico and are well trained and super creative.

Below is the poster.  The first show is June 27 at 9pm.  The ticket price includes an open bar so you can pay once and enjoy the show and drinks, all for 350 pesos.  Several great dining establishments are in the same vicinity so you can enjoy dinner beforehand and make it a great evening out!

I decided to help Jacobo launch this project by doing some promotion for him and I’ve written a press release that I hope the local media will run.  So, don’t miss Latin Flavor at the Palm starting June 27th!  The Palm is located at Olas Altas 508 in Zona Romantica, (Old town/Southside) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Mark Alan Smith returns to Vallarta!

After selling out seats for his 3 night Thanksgiving visit to Vallarta, Mark Alan Smith will be returning to Paco’s Ranch from Feb. 24 to March 6, 2011.

Mark will have new characters and songs (even a spanish number or two is in the works!). It’s never the same show twice, and I’ve been a fan for 20 years!  His recent interpretation of Judy Garland in Vallarta was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen him do.  The voice, the characterization was chillingly spot on!

Tickets may be purchased online HERE.

Tom and Luis (left) of Bar Frida and Carlos and John (right) of Paco’s Ranch with Mark Alan Smith (center)


Thanksgiving Dinner Theatre: Eat at David’s and laugh with Mark Alan Smith!

For those wondering where to go for the upcoming American Thanksgiving Dinner, try this fun, money-saving dinner theatre package offered by Eat at David’s Restaurant and the folks at Mingo Mexico Productions and their upcoming show:  Mark Alan Smith Live!

Your evening starts on November 25 at 6pm at  Eat at Davids on Aquiles Serdan 380 just east of Insurgentes.  Enjoy a full 4 course Thanksgiving Dinner featuring Turkey and all the trimmings and dessert.  David is famous in Vallarta for his homestyle cooking.  The complete menu will include the following:  (note: Eat at David’s is byob.  No corkage fees.  Soft drinks and iced tea available.)

a cold pumpkin or carrot soup
antipasto plate of artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, marinated asparagus,
olives and pate

The main course:  turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy,
green bean casserole, scalloped corn, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce

Dessert: Carrot Cake and Milk Brandy Punch 

then at about 7:30 pm:  Walk with us to Paco’s Ranch (2 blocks west and 1 block south) to see the live vocal impressions of Mark Alan Smith. You’ll be treated to VIP seating.  Showtime is 8pm. (90 mins duration).  You’ll laugh and sing along as Mark keeps you on the edge of your seat with his dynamic stage presence and vocal range.  A real treat to see and it’s his first time in Vallarta!  Cocktail service begins at 7:30pm. Showtime is 8pm.

For reservations email David at eatatdavid’  (seating limited to 24 for the dinner theatre package).  You may also make reservations by stopping by Eat at David’s restaurant at Aquiles Serdan 380.  Dinner Theatre and regular tickets for the Mark Alan Smith LIVE! show may be bought online as well.  Visit or call 322 168 9950 for more information.


Willie and Lobo reunite in La Cruz (one hour north of Vallarta)

Black Forest Restaurant on Jan. 7th. 

Several years ago I disovered this duo during a New Year’s Eve Concert at River Cafe in Puerto Vallarta.  After becoming a huge fan of theirs, they broke my heart by breaking up last year to pursue other things individually.  Now, they are back together momentarily for a concert near Vallarta.  DON’T MISS THIS if you are anywhere near them.

Willie & Lobo Live performance Thursday, January 7th at Black Forest

For this event our Chef Winfried will prepare a three course dinner menu with various choices of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Please check again for more info.
Be the first to reserve your table. Reservation needed.
Please call (329)-295 5203 or email
reservations@ blackforestpv. com


A place like no other: Casa Isabel in Puerto Vallarta

A few years ago I went to my first “board” meeting at Casa Isabel and immediately fell in love with the house and then, more so with the owners.  About 10 years aga, David and Isabel Manore from Toronto, Canada decided to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta’s Alta Vista neighborhood.  In near storybook fashion, once Isabel and David became interested in buying the home, they learned the original owners of Casa Isabel were also a couple named David and Isabel.  The main house was built 30 years ago by the original couple who also owned and built the very popular Tequilas bar, a legendary hangout for celebrities such as John Huston, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

David and Isabel (the current ones) started renovations as soon as their purchase was complete.  As longtime owners of Madison’s (which is a complex including two pubs and a boutique hotel) in Toronto, Canada they were used to helping people have a good time and had already been spending some time in Vallarta.  Each year they’d bring their sailboat down and spend a few winter months in Vallarta.  Once you meet Isabel and David though, you’ll realize that they aren’t about sitting around waiting for something to happen.  They MAKE life happen. 

“We’ve been broke and made it back several times in our lives,” Isabel told me only minutes after we’d met.  “We always follow our hearts and get where we need to be though.  We fell in love with this house and never looked back.” 

At that time, Alta Vista, the neighborhood just up the (very steep) hill from Vallarta’s famous Los Muertos beach was considered only residential.  Lots of Mexican families had homes there and the idea of a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast so far up the hill hadn’t been considered yet. 

“Don’t buy that house, nobody will find you,” Isabel said they told her, her famous hat perched upon her silky black, simply stylish hairdo.   For such a classy woman, you’d expect her with a glass of wine in hand or an expensive scotch, right?  “Wine makes me fall right to sleep.”  Her drink of choice: a Dos Equis beer nestled in an elegant “cozy” with a black boa attached.  Isabel’s sweet, velvety voice mixed with New York and English (she’s originally from there) accents makes you just want to listen.  She’s also a marvelous storyteller and has plenty of them to share.   “We added rooms and told people about it and they climbed the hill and found us, ” she added.  Over the years, Dave and Isabel have remodeled this room and that room and consulted each time with the original architect Catchi Perez, famous in Vallarta for his attention to detail in his Villa designs.  Just this past summer (2009) he, with the help of David and Isabel and staff, finished the most spectacular additions to Casa Isabel ever:   a new infinity hot tub, gigantic palapa covered (one of the biggest you’ll ever see) restaurant and new owner’s and honeymoon suites with an extra hot tub on the new upper level.  Casa Isabel’s new chef is receiving rave reviews and the rooms are booked full again for the high season which starts now and ends in May or June.  I have so many wonderful memories from the last two years of attending our board meetings and Halloween parties and theme nights at Casa Isabel.  There really is no place on earth like it (if you find one, tell me…I’m there!).

Take a look at this promotional video which, I’m warning you, will make you want to buy a plane ticket tonight!

If you haven’t been to Casa Isabel, check it out on Saturday nights for the get together of expats and tourists from  Everyone is welcome and there isn’t really a board or officers, it’s just an excuse to get together and have fun and a few cocktails.  The sunsets from Isabel’s will blow you away, if the home hasn’t already.

And say hello to everyone for me!  I plan to spend a few nights at Casa Isabel soon since, if I may brag, I won a gift certificate for 2 free nights after attending their Halloween costume party and bribing the judges into letting me win!  Tequila shots will get you everywhere!

See you there!


There’s a burro at my window!

burroSince our condo is rented, I moved up the ravine a bit to a great little studio that a good friend, Pilar, rents out for next to nothing.  The location is great.  Right at the top of Olas Altas at Pillitas and then down in the river bed there…next to the little patch of land where they keep the two burros that entertain the guests each night at Andales Bar and Grill down the street.  Who knew?  I didn’t hear much overnight but this afternoon it started hee hawing pretty loudly about the time the guy came to get him to go to “work” at Andale’s.

Here’s how Pilar describes the studio: “Studio overlooks an arroyo with iguanas, birds, chachalacas, roosters, and donkeys. Must like dogs. For more information and availability, please send an email to pilitas1(at)”  Tell her Tracy sent ya.  Maybe she’ll buy me a drink or something.

The roosters, yep, a few of those out  there too.  They’re not too noisy either, compared to other roosters I’ve been around.  There’s a dog: Bingo, who is sorta the watch dog but he’s very nice to me.  And the friendliest animal on site is Rafa (Rafael) the siamese cat.  He took up on my rug the first day. 

By the way,  a rooster is what I’m going to be for Halloween…sorta.  I’ll show it to you next week if someone snaps a pic of me. 🙂  It’s pretty funny and I have my friend Dennis to thank for the idea.  It was the punchline of Dennis’ joke about a rooster that inpsired my costume…to be clear.


Its pretty funny what you find when you start looking for pics of a burro on the internet. This photo almost inspired another idea for a costume. I'm thinking about pulling of a little donkey-napping for Halloween and riding around town like this....whatcha think? I might need both donkeys...I'm a big guy.


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Diva, Vallarta's legendary Female Illusionist, is recovering in a Guadalajara hospital from an attack last week in Vallarta. The Vallarta community is doing everything possible to help him get well. If you can help too, click "donate" below. Thank you!


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